Specs for all of our Compressors are below.  We Rebuild these in house and have for over 13 years, with minor previous use - can last up to 25,000 hours before rebuild is needed after we rebuild them.


115V, 60HZ, 4.0A 3.5 cfm 







10/15/20uf +/- 5/10% mk

450vac cl A 25/85/21

A15E10  50/60 hz

We can rebuild your compressor and have 1,000's available. 


We have rebuild kits available, Motor Mounts, Tubing, Filters, Mufflers, & all replacement parts - all available cheaper than anyone else!  
Example and Specs for a DIYPondPro Aeration Kit:

These compressors are perfect for a variety of uses and are ideal for vacuum and compressor functions - veneer presses, pond aeration, vacuum forming, re-vac units, dental offices, and many many more.

This Pond aeration kit is perfect for any size pond - small/medium/large from 1/4 up to 2+ acres and up to 20 feet deep!

Air diffusion aeration systems will circulate thousands of gallons of water and add oxygen from the bottom of your pond to the top!

Kit includes one compressor, 50 feet of weight aeration hose, Two 4' rings, ready to plug in out of the box and begin aeration of your pond or lake immediately:

**********One*****  Aeration Pump - double piston 115 Volt 60/Hz 4.0A up to 3.5 CFM

FREE FLOW MAX: 3.0-4.4 CFM / 105.7 LITERS/MIN    MAX PRESSURE: 40 PSI / 11 BAR   MAX VACUUM: 23-24" HG

THERMALLY INSULATED, INSUL CLASS B  WITH CAPACITOR: 10/15uf +/- 5/10% mk  450vac cl A 25/85/21

We rebuild these in house - with minor previous use - and have for over 12 years - can last up to 25,000 hours before next rebuild is needed which is field repairable ($20 kit we sell)

*********one********* NEW    50 feet of self sinking / weighted aeration hose - no need to weight it down, or hope you drop the rock or brick in the right place - it sinks on its and will stay down!

**********Two********** NEW 4' RING diffuser tubing by colorite - aeration tube made exclusively for this application of creating numerous tiny bubbles to aerate ( this same tube is made for municipalities to aerate their waster water ) 

This kit comes with 1 compressor with all attachments - brass 90's to attach aeration tube to, power cord to plug it in ( runs on any 110 Volt outlet ) 1 NEW Filter to keep debri's out of the pump and aeration tubing ( easily replaced yearly for $26** which we sell as well) Pump is mounted on motor mounts for quiet smooth running. Comes with all clamps, elbows, attachments already attached - simply attach the aeration tube to the pump and the other end to the diffuser with the provided clamps - plug it in and you have begun the process to a healthy cleaner pond!!

If you need more aeration tube or more diffuser tubing we have it available - check our store or email us - All cheaper than anyone else.  We stock all items we sell and ship all items the same day or day after except weekends and holidays - we are a business and in a business location - you can pick an item up from us if you are in the area! 9-5 CT.

The compressor will need to be mounted away from any source of water - these are not submersible which keeps any contaminants out of your lake or pond.  They are completely oiless and maintenance free.

Compressor, Mounts, & Power cord are used with minor previous (scuffs) and may show some signs of wear but will be in perfect working condition - The compressors will last 5 years of continous running after being rebuilt!  These pumps can be rebuilt over and over - we have seen some running in equipment with over 90,000 hours on the original compressor!

We have thousands of these available - thousands of parts available - rebuild kits, clamps, filters, motor mounts, cords, elbows, self sink tubing in 50,100,150,200,300 + lengths, diffuser tubing in O-ring style, or stick style - need 1 more or 100 more we have them in stock, we just the compressor available if you dont want to rebuild and want to replace - we have them in stock!!

Shipping is Ground via UPS or FedEx and cost above is actual cost of the shipping - weight runs around 16 lbs for the pump and + weight of tube which varies by length.